Become A Confident Facebook Ads User In JUST 1HOUR Even If Your Brand New And No Matter What Niche Your Business Is In!

In the 1-2-3 Facebook Ads Video Course  you will learn from the ground up to help you achieve more leads and sales for your Network Marketing &/or Affiliate Marketing businesses success.

Facebook is a never ending source to extract the exact prospects that you need to grow your business.

YOUR customers ARE on Facebook.

How do I know?

Well because there are 1.94 BILLION active monthly users on Facebook as of May of 2017.

1.2 Billion of those log onto FB every single day.

It's just a matter of targeting them with pin-point accuracy, and creating an ad that gives them exactly what they need, so that they get pulled to YOU like a magnet...and become a lead.

When you can understand the platform and what each ad objective does, you'll be able to at the VERY least be able to start running profitable ads generating you leads and sales.

And more likely...start seeing massive profits for your business over and over again.

ALL in Just 3 Simple Steps...

  1. Pinpoint Target Your Audience
  2. Create Your Ad
  3. Get Leads (and likely sales) 24/7!

Sounds pretty simple right?

The truth is that it is likely much more simple than you think.

However there are some rough waters that you'll have to navigate around and that's exactly what I'll show you how to do step-by-step in this course.


Here's What You'll Get When You Invest TODAY!...

  • A full understanding Facebook Manager . Including the 3 tiers of Facebook campaigns and structure you need to know when placing ads
  • How to research your target audience effectively using the Audience Insights tool. This is key to placing your ads in front of those most interested in your offer, without this you are literally wasting money on unwanted clicks
  • Knowing how to set up your Fan page for success, after all this is your front door to your business on Facebook
  • Overview of the Facebook Pixel explained, exactly what it does and how we can use it on landing pages and your website to track leads, purchases and content views
  • A complete walk through on how to set up ads for Likes, Engagement and Clicks to Website
  • The all important custom audiences you will learn how to start setting these up ready for your retargeting campaigns to your warm audience

Time Sensitive Offer

BONUSES Included!

  • 1 x 30min Coaching Session to leave no stone unturned and get your questions answered (recorded for your playback)
  • Access to the 1-2-3 Facebook Ad Support Group for 24/7 support

Here is the thing, you can spend hours on You Tube and Google trying to find all this information out to only receive part of the equation. (Been there done that...)

You can also spend way more than $17 (more like hundreds) to receive the training I deliver in this course.

Why am I almost giving it away? I personally know after spending thousands of dollars running campaigns and having my account shut down what it is you need to know to hit the fast lane online with Facebook Ads.

To generate you more leads to email market your amazing offers too, people to talk with and of course sales.

As you can see here in these screen shots from my accounts...

See What Others Are Saying....

  • I want to thank Elisha for helping me establish Virtuous Women Marketing.
    From the start she showed me steps to putting a name that could speak to a specific niche and helped me go from 0 likes to 1437 in a week and a half.
    I wanted to see if this really worked and I applied it to a current page. I had 2,215 now I have 3,509 on my Sadie J Calamaco.
    I can't wait for what's next....
    Sadie J Calamaco Sadie J Calamaco Home Business Entrepreneur, California
  • Dave Smythe Dave Smythe Coast to Country Pressure Cleaning, Newcastle, Australia

About Elisha de Jonge

Elisha de Jonge

Mother of 2 who is passionate about helping others build a successful home business.

I have been working online for over 3years in both Network Marketing and Affiliate Marketing.  I understand the pains and struggles associated with both industries. I have helped many people become clear on their business model, build a strong Facebook presence and manage Facebook ads for people so they can concentrate on other parts of their business.

My passion lies in Facebook Advertising and the Health & Wellness niche.

Elisha de Jonge, Start Business Info