2 Person Broadcasting in Facebook Lives is Here

Have you heard about this new feature on Facebook Lives for 2 person broad casting?

This is just one of the latest up dates from Facebook. Essentially, the 2 person broadcasting feature  is giving you the ability to invite a friend in on your live  to join the conversation.

The ability to stream with a friend will let content creators incorporate things like remote interviews and duets into their live videos, which will greatly expand the creative possibilities offered by the platform.

I’m currently using this feature but it seems not everyone has the ability yet to use it. So far I can only invite people who are watch the live stream from a iphone. Sorry Android users its not yet available to you.

facebook live 2 person video

facebook live 2 person video

As you can see here I invite my friend Peter Nguyen in for a chat.









How to do it…. and how do I know if I have this feature….

The only way you will know if you have this feature is when your doing a Live broadcast and a friend watches you with a updated iphone there will be a prompt scroll up asking you to invite your friends in for a chat.

There is 3 ways you can swipe.

  1. Swiping right will give you full video no comments
  2. Middle screen is comments
  3. Full left allows you to see who is eligble to join in on your conversations. Facebook shows you a profile picture of the person with a small camera icon.

The Facebook platform will soon also let you do pre-schedule your streams and create a virtual waiting room for viewers and broadcast with MSQRD’s face masks.

Looks like we have some exciting and game changing goods coming our way with Facebook in the near future.

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