The 3 Biggest Obstacles in Business

The 3 biggest obstacles in business are usually the reasons which overwhelms and stalls people in building up their business and brand online.

Here are the 3 biggest obstacles in business:

  1. Technology – setting up a blog is the #1 thing that trips people up. They have never used wordpress or a blogging platform before. Therefore walking around in circles trying to figure it all out. Other technology things are creating banners for social media, ebook covers etc. All these tasks should be outsourced if they are wasting your time and are not consistently generating you money. Leverage your time and find someone else to do it. Fiver, Freelance and Odesk are places your can go and find a VA (virtual assistant) pay $5 and get it done for you.
  2. What do I talk about? – Content creation. Definitely ranked at #2 especially when people are new to marketing online. They get a blog and are told to blog but what do you blog about! When you know nothing and your sponsor leaves you high and dry with no guidance. Can you relate? Been there too. Lets clear this matter up the best way to find content is from any live trainings you are attend take notes and repurpose them, share your notes with your audience, books excellent way do a book review, Facebook groups go into these groups see what people are asking answer their questions in a blog post and put in that back in the group even tag that person.
  3. Why would someone listen to me? Firstly, lets stop focusing on YOU! and focus on your audience what is it they want. What is it they are struggling with… people are funny they like it to be all about them. People want to hear how you can solve their problems.  It doesn’t matter about your failures when you start focusing on others the onus is on them. When you do this people will start to reach out and want to talk to you, interview and possibly work with you.


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