5 Key Phrases To Avoid to Stay Out of Facebook Jail!

If you are new to marketing online or a seasoned marketer  you need to be aware of the strict Facebook policies for advertising.

In todays video blog post I talk about the 5 Key phrases you must never use on Facebook in paid ads or in general posts. To make you aware of the wording that can easily get you banned on Facebook or maybe you have heard this term, “thrown in Facebook jail”.[tweetthis]Stay Out of Facebook Jail heres how:[/tweetthis]

I have seen so many people become Facebook disabled by using the wrong wording or images.

Watch my video as I explain below:


Here is some more really valuable training to help you stay out of Facebook jail  <===


I hope you found this video to be of value,  if you did please leave me a comment below as I always enjoy your feedback.  Also share with me your personal experience if you got banned on Facebook and how it affected your marketing efforts.


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