Twitter 5 x Hacks to Generate More Leads Online

Twitter – Don’t understand  or just never really used it? maybe you think you don’t have time for Twitter as a strategy!

Twitter is a great platform to generate leads from and open up conversation.

Here are 5  Hacks to generate more leads online.

  1. Only use 3 hashtags and make one of them a company eg: #mlm #onlinemarketing #visalus.  This way you are speaking directly to people interested in visalus business owner.
  2. Always use a short link this will save you character space in your tweet. (As a tweet is character limited to 140)
  3. Have a good clear BIO and profile picture, making your user name (not your handle) centred around what it is you do eg: Online Marketer Expert
  4. Use hashtags in your bio. This is great way to get found as people are in twitter searching all the time
  5. Use Automation – My favourite is Tweetjuke box by Tim Fargo. Here is a training on how to use automation  that is simple.. Click here

If you not one to read blogs here is a short video where I cover these top 5 tips plus some bonus ones…


this is the Twitter Training I refer to in this video: Twitter Training with Adam Chandler.

For more training  I have a playlist in You Tube that you will also find helpful =>  You Tube Playlist (don’t forget to Subscribe too!)


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