5 Ways To Avoid Success

Many people come into business especially a online business thinking it will be easy…

Here are the top 5 ways to avoid success in business:

  1. Blame your sponsor – They are the ones who signed you up promising you success and the money you were going to earn. Just keep blaming them.
  2. Be afraid of change – being fearful of the things that need to get done. Don’t start branding yourself and placing your footprint in the marketplace. Just keep using the incredible landing pages your mlm provides you with these will already be tried and tested to convert. Avoid building your list. Just keep staying the same and you will be successful at avoiding success.
  3. Stop learning – definitely a big one. Don’t invest in your education, don’t buy courses, attending webinars & events or buying personal coaching sessions. When you stop learning you will definitely stop earning.
  4. Continue to have entitlement attitude – By paying money into a opportunity should give you the entitlement to earn, right? totally you have every right that buying into a program should deliver you the results right away. Don’t take any action.
  5. Excuses – keep using excuses that you are too busy, I don’t want to make videos, I’m not tech savvy etc.

These 5 items are the top 5 ways for you to avoid a successful business….

Do you relate to any of these?  so if you really do want to have success in your business then you need to do the complete opposite of theses excuses.

You can’t blame your sponsor its your business not theirs,

You must change and grow

You must keep learning each and everyday

Stop the entitlement attitude you brought into a opportunity thats gives you a vehicle to earn money thats it. Its up to you to build it.

Stop the excuses get over yourself and get on with building your brand and adding value to the market place.

Here is a great podcast by Steven Rachel who goes right into detail with these plus a bonus one! Scroll to this one:

MLSP Wake up podcasts

5 ways to avoid success










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