Hey there, I’m Elisha de Jonge…. thanks for stopping by.

You probably found this page because you’re trying to build a business from home around your family and you’re looking for a way to do it using the internet.

Are you in network marketing, affiliate marketing or a MLM company that directs you to make a list of 100 close family and friends to approach? and your tired and exhausted this avenue.

Thinking there must be a easier well your right there is and this what I can help you with….

I love helping motivated people generate leads and build their brand online so they can build their business from home around their family.

My business is exactly that helping home business owners build their business online giving them time and financial freedom. By using social media, video marketing and pay per click advertising (just to name a few).

I can help you find exactly what your target market is looking for, build your list and help you develop your own brand so that your ideal client is attracted to you.

The one thing I pride myself in is honesty and to help you the right way from the beginning. I believe it is the small finer hands on training that will make all the difference.


A little background info about me…

I’m a mother of two children and a wife to a husband who works fly in fly out all around the world. My husband’s work took our family to South Korea for  3years (Expat life). Whilst we lived there I found myself spending a lot of time on the internet and thought I could make money from it so I dived in and started up a home based business online.

I had never heard of network marketing and had totally no idea whatsoever. My first company made me money within the first 3weeks cementing in my decision was the right one.

But then I started to struggle I was tired of cold calling prospects from a lead list I brought. I wanted people to come to me instead of me chasing them. That is when I found THIS SYSTEM that taught me “Attraction Marketing”.

This was my turning point and am now consistently making money each month and people are now contacting me.

What I totally love about my business is the dream to help others achieve their dreams of freedom.

I work my business full-time 5 days a week 3-4hrs per day which gives me the time to spend doing my other important job of being a mother and wife.

I enjoy keeping fit with crossfit, running and walking our Australian Bulldog Max.

Let me know what I can do to help you get to where you want to go!

Cheers, Elisha de Jonge

Email: elishadejonge@gmail.com

Skype: elisha.dejonge

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