Simple 6 Step Formula to Advertising on The Bing Ads Platform On a Budget

Join Me this Thursday 9pm EDT for a live Bing Training and learn a simple 6 Step Formula to advertising on a small budget…

Are you tired of wasting money on Bing Ads? you struggling with keyword research, landing pages are not Bing compliant, Adcopy is not so good wasting clicks as your offers are not congruent then join me on Thursday….

Heres what you will learn:

  • Why Use Bing PPC vs Facebook and how more highly targeted the traffic is
  • Target Market – Knowing Your Ideal Customer is #1
  • Keyword Research – Why and how this is important for every advertiser so you don’t waste money from the beginning.
  • Landing Pages – Find out the crucial elements of a Bing Complaint Landing Page
  • Adcopy – Good adcopy can be hard to think up. I’ll show you a easy way
  • Architecture of a Campaign – The key ingredient to running a small budget

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