Why Celebrating Wins In Business is Important

Why Celebrating Wins In Business Is Important

Celebrating wins in business is so important as its whats going to push you through your boundaries and on to the next level. By celebrating your wins in business is not about bragging to the world of Facebook but for you to bring a positive outlook into your achievements. So many people focus on the…

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How to do a Facebook live

How To Do A Successful Facebook Live

I know Facebook Lives are Scary… would you like to learn how to do a successful Facebook Live? Understanding why Facebook Lives are so important to do on a consistent daily basis to build your brand and business.  Facebook’s algorithm loves live video so this is going to keep your pretty face fresh in the…

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Business Success relies on Self Belief

The #1 Secret to Business Success

The secret to any type of business success  is to have a solid foundation purely in your own self belief. There are key 4 areas you need to establish for self belief they are: In your company In Network Marketing itself Your Products – are they genuine, do they work, do you use them You! Really…

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Blogging: Which Platform is Best?

Blogging: Which platform is best to use? There are many different blogging/website platforms available for you. Today in my Facebook live I talked  about the differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org. Creating a blog on a WordPress.com website is relevantly easy, its free and the hosting is free. But the downside to using this platform is…

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Blogging or to be Bogged?!

Blogging is hard! Plain and simple… Actually is not the content part of blogging that is the hard part but more so its the creation of the Blog. I have found that so many people are getting caught up with the creation of a WordPress site. They get themselves all in a pickle about: Hosting…

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4 Reasons to Use Bing Ads For Business

Most people say Why would you bother advertising on Bing Ads Platform? No one uses it everyone uses Google! I got asked this question they other day on my Facebook page so I answered the man there but I thought it deserved answering in a wider way. Here are 4 top reasons why you should consider…

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Cold Market Prospecting: Social Media

Cold Market Prospecting – This is one of the hardest markets to be pitching your offer too. With social media on the rise and being the 1# way to connect with prospects we are all daily doing cold market prospecting. You just may not have realised it. But how do we open up conversation in…

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Review: No Fear Video Marketing System by Mark Harbert

The No Fear Video Marketing System by Mark Harbert Do you have a Fear: Being in front of the camera? Do not know what to talk about? What tools to use? Do you really need a fancy camera? Who is your target audience? Where to host your videos? is You Tube really a safe place?…

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How to Become an Authority In Your Niche

The power of authority builds your influence in the market. But how do we do this? when we only have a small list, small facebook audience and no one generally knows who you are in the market place…. Where people go wrong is people think they need to sell to everybody. They are constantly comparing…

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#1 Tool For Building Relationships For Your Online Business

We are in the space of online marketing where people need to get to know, like and trust you. People need to be able to feel a connection with you and establish a rapport with you. One of the best ways to build online is with video. In this industry its all built on relationships…

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