How To Use Facebook Audience Insights For Better Targeting

  Facebook Audience Insights is one of the most powerful analytical tools at your disposal — that is, if you know how to use it. Do you have a content strategy for you Facebook Page? Want to know which types of content work best? By going deeper into the Facebook Audience Insights it will help you…

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How to Create a Powerful, Irresistible Brand!

How to Create a Powerful, Irresistible Brand—Despite Having No Logo, No Website, and a Crappy Profile Pic that Screams Amateur! Did you know you’re already creating a brand online? Yep, even if you weren’t aware… YOU have a brand—regardless of whether you have a logo or fancy website, or not. And look, people talk about “branding” a…

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The Four Primary Facebook Advertising Objectives

Facebook traffic is a fantastic way to grow your business, and there are plenty of tricks you can use to get more leads, more sales, cheaper likes, and cheaper clicks. But to develop a solid foundation for building and advertising your business, you need to first understand the basic building blocks of Facebook ads. Today’s…

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How to Become a Credible Authority In Any Niche!

Step by Step Blueprint to becoming a Credible Authority in your Niche! If you’ve been trying to “get your name out there,” publishing content on your website, and doing all the things “they” have told you to do… but you’re still not getting the kind of attention, respect, and income you desire… Heres why…. Most…

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2 Person Broadcasting in Facebook Lives is Here

Have you heard about this new feature on Facebook Lives for 2 person broad casting? This is just one of the latest up dates from Facebook. Essentially, the 2 person broadcasting feature  is giving you the ability to invite a friend in on your live  to join the conversation. The ability to stream with a…

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How To Talk to Prospects On Social Media

Over the past week this has been one of the biggest questions Ive been asked. “How do you talk to prospects on social media?” If you were in a room full of people and you had to start a conversation with someone you would probably start talking about something you both had in common. You…

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5 Tips Maximise Your Facebook Business Page

When was the last time you tweaked or looked at your Facebook Business page? Interested in creating a more professional and engaging experience on your page? Here is 5 Top Tips: Change your username to be relevant to your business Do you use the shop? You can add products to the shop with direct links to…

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facebook live

How To Do a Facebook Live to Increase Your Reach

Facebook Live is the hottest social media strategy right now to increase your Know, Like and Trust with a audience. They really are the fast track to building up rapport with your Facebook fans and a lot of fun. Last week I decided to do another Facebook live on how to do Facebook lives to…

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Twitter 5 x Hacks to Generate More Leads Online

Twitter – Don’t understand  or just never really used it? maybe you think you don’t have time for Twitter as a strategy! Twitter is a great platform to generate leads from and open up conversation. Here are 5  Hacks to generate more leads online. Only use 3 hashtags and make one of them a company eg:…

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How to do a Facebook live

How To Do A Successful Facebook Live

I know Facebook Lives are Scary… would you like to learn how to do a successful Facebook Live? Understanding why Facebook Lives are so important to do on a consistent daily basis to build your brand and business.  Facebook’s algorithm loves live video so this is going to keep your pretty face fresh in the…

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