2 Main Home Business Models Available To Work From Home and Online Explained

There are two main home business opportunities available to work from home and online. They are: Network Marketing Affiliate Marketing Its very important to understand the difference between the two: What is Network Marketing? Often referred to as MLM, or Multi-Level Marketing. The reason that it is called Multi level marketing you can build your…

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What Does it Really Take To Build a Big Business?

After spinning my wheels on the network marketers business treadmill. I was becoming pretty exhausted. But how can you quit when your family is looking up to you and know you can do it. But you can’t send the family broke in trying right? Thats when I knew I had to start learning more on…

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How to Create a WordPress Backup Easily

The Why….You should be creating a WordPress backup of your database on a regular basis. Have you spent hours and hours of time researching and creating your blog posts? Did it take you along time or lots of money to pick your theme and create your site ? Could you only imagine what it would…

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Seven Must Have WordPress Plugins For Your Website

Seven WordPress plugins for your website to help you get found on Google and keep your website safe. Firstly, what is are WordPress plugins? A WordPress plugin is a piece of software containing a group of functions that can be added to a wordpress.org website. They extend functionality or add new features for you and…

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5 Ways To Avoid Success

Many people come into business especially a online business thinking it will be easy… Here are the top 5 ways to avoid success in business: Blame your sponsor – They are the ones who signed you up promising you success and the money you were going to earn. Just keep blaming them. Be afraid of…

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How To Talk to Prospects On Social Media

Over the past week this has been one of the biggest questions Ive been asked. “How do you talk to prospects on social media?” If you were in a room full of people and you had to start a conversation with someone you would probably start talking about something you both had in common. You…

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Webinar: Struggling With Ideas for Your Blog Posts & Videos?

Join me live this 27th OctoberThursday 9pm EST As I reveal my simple 3 step formula to content creation for blog posts and videos. What you will learn is: How top leaders create content to attract a highly target audience every single day 3 part simple formula for generating endless content in less than 10mins…

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where to host videos

Videos Where do You Host Them?

What and where is the best place to host your marketing videos? This was a real sticking point for me when I started marketing online and it took me a bit of probing to find the correct answer too. There are quite a few different platforms that you can use to host your videos depending…

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Why Celebrating Wins In Business is Important

Why Celebrating Wins In Business Is Important

Celebrating wins in business is so important as its whats going to push you through your boundaries and on to the next level. By celebrating your wins in business is not about bragging to the world of Facebook but for you to bring a positive outlook into your achievements. So many people focus on the…

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How to do a Facebook live

How To Do A Successful Facebook Live

I know Facebook Lives are Scary… would you like to learn how to do a successful Facebook Live? Understanding why Facebook Lives are so important to do on a consistent daily basis to build your brand and business.  Facebook’s algorithm loves live video so this is going to keep your pretty face fresh in the…

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