Cold Market Prospecting: Social Media

Cold Market Prospecting – This is one of the hardest markets to be pitching your offer too. With social media on the rise and being the 1# way to connect with prospects we are all daily doing cold market prospecting. You just may not have realised it.

But how do we open up conversation in our say “Facebook messenger” with people who we  decided to like because they are a friend of a friend who we barely know anyway, on Facebook without sounding all pitchy and spammy.

Before we friend anyone there’s a few steps you should do to screen these people first. As you really want genuine people to be your friend who are in the same niche or interests as you. Eg: whats the point of having someone be your friend and they are not a online business person at all, but they are a friend of a friend… if you do this is just wasting everyones time.

Just yesterday I had a real friend call him Alan, reach out to me asking me I knew this person call him Joe. I said no but somehow they were a friend of mine on facebook. Alan is a insurance broker totally not interested in online marketing but is my real friend (we have had a beer together)

Before you go friending and opening conversations up with people here are few important things to do:

  1. Take a look at their bio-Are they in the same niche as you?
  2. What are their interests?
  3. Do they have a Facebook fan page?
  4. Who are our mutual friends? (this is my biggest one I look at)

Then, if they fit the criteria of someone you are looking add them to your friend list, friend them not with just a click but send them a message. Personalise it.

Here are 2 great ways to open up conversation remember to wrap your question with a little chit chat too.

  1. Hi there, just noticed we have mutual friends on Facebook and thought I’d reach out to say hello. What is it you do exactly and how is it all going for you?
  2. Another is do this same question with a video. This gets massive reactions back when I do it. People love to see you and hear you voice too.

Here is a 4 part mini video training that really goes in deeper to what I’m telling you here with more questions for you to ask plus other gold nuggets of ways of cold market prospecting on social media….


PS: Yesterday I friended someone who we had similar interests, mutual friends and in the same niche… he came straight out the gate with his links telling me he could train me like a Jedi. I just laughed and pushed the hairs on my back up down and left the conversation. That is the wrong way.

Take look for yourself…

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