How to Become an Authority In Your Niche

The power of authority builds your influence in the market. But how do we do this? when we only have a small list, small facebook audience and no one generally knows who you are in the market place….

Where people go wrong is people think they need to sell to everybody. They are constantly comparing themselves to others who have success.

This is how we gain authority…..

Firstly, What makes you Unique?   Don’t compare yourself to others as what they do is not duplicatable and  nobody is duplicatable. People are attracted to people and this is why video marketing is one of the best ways to stand out and let people begin to see you, your face, your personality, your uniqueness. We all don’t like the same qualities in people someone who likes you may not necessarily like me. Your uniqueness is whats going to connect you with people.

In this crowded space of online marketing how do we stand up and show our audience what we are made of? as we are brand new or been struggling to get a break?

There is a 3 step simple formula for this:

  1. Research and know your target market. By researching your target markets wish list or a specific market segment. You need to understand that not everyone wants what you have. By using tools like the google keyword planner and forums you can easily search the most pressing questions people in your niche are asking.
  2. Create Content around what your markets most pressing questions are then your can create content/videos answering those questions. Positioning yourself as an authority  does not mean you need to go out and get results.  But if you position yourself in front of people searching for the answer and you give them the answer your are now the authority regardless of any results you have had.
  3. Promote to this market – Drive hyper targeted traffic to a hyper targeted solution. By creating videos to a pressing a questions someone has they are going to be more engaged in what your are doing. The goal is to get that content in front of people that are searching for it. We do this by sharing in groups on social media, forums, you tube etc.

The key though to this simple formula is consistency. You need to rinse and repeat this process consistently.

Here are some links of forums where your market could just be hanging out:

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