How to Get Followers On Twitter

How can you get followers on Twitter….

Building up your followers on Twitter is very important as part of your social media strategy for marketing your business online.

As Twitter is a great source of leads but can be a very noisy place, to settle it down you need to filter out whats not relevant to your business. By using hashtags and keywords as a filter source you will be able to find relevant advertising, articles and followers. Plus a big bonus is spy on your competitors to give you ideas on what to post etc.

Use this  3 step Formula to gain highly targeted followers in you niche.

3 Step Formula…

  1. In the search bar up the top type in the keywords that your interested in. eg: home business. What this will do is filter all the tweets with those 2 keywords in it. As you can see from these 2 examples below from doing a Twitter search.
  2. Follow people who are tweeting using those hashtags if their information is relevant to your business/topic
  3. Dive into that persons followers and follow people who are in there. Followers of followers! Particular paying attention to influencers followers.

Bonus tip: Engage with these people you intend to follow. Like, Retweet and reply to their posts this will give you momentum and engage them back to you encouraging them to follow you back.


Watch this video as I walk you through these 3 steps plus the bonus tip in this tutorial:


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