How To Use Instagram for Business

There is no better time than now to start building your business on Instagram. Instagram is a popular social network application that allows you to upload, edit and caption photos with hashtags.

Instagram is currently the fastest growing social media network with over 400 Million Active Monthly Users, 75% are outside the US and a average of 80M+ photos are posted per day.

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You can’t use Instagram the same way you use Facebook and Twitter. Instagram does not use algorithms to sort the feed of content.

Instagram traffic results in lower bounce rates and higher quality traffic because you can’t link drop in your posts. As the only way someone can get driven to your offer is by the link in your bio. Therefore, this gives you a much higher targeted audience. As they actually have to go back to the top of your page and click your link Bio.

So your targeted audience is more likely to engage, promote and buy.

How do you find these people on Instagram to build your Business? and how do you create the best content for them?

It all comes down to Instagram Analytics to find the right information from hashtags, engagement rates, website traffic, follower demographics and who’s talking about you! if you can track all this information then you can create the best content for them. This will increase engagement and participation from your audience, build your community up, drive more traffic to your website and ultimately increase – optins, sign ups, sales and revenue.

How do find the right Hashtags?

  • Find Instagram content related to industry events, themes or campaigns
  • Like, comment and follow people using these hashtags
  • Interested users will follow you
  • Use your niche hashtags eg: find the most popular and the ones that are moderately popular and use a combination of these hashtags in your posts for maximum reach and longevity
  • Use a custom branded hashtags, find YOUR customers and clients, understand how your customers are using your products, user generated content this is a great way to build your brand eg: #use your name -#elishadejonge
  • Search for common mis-spelling or alternatives to the hashtags

To track data around hashtags you could use these tools Tagboard, Iconosquare, in the search bar and Unionmetrics

Tracking Engagement Rate

Engagement rates are really important to measure how you are doing on Instagram and more important than how many followers you have. Engagement will allow you to see who is liking your posts your followers vs non-followers, success of posts based on what gets the most likes against posts that get the most comments. Eg: Did you get alot of likes on a photo but not much comments. Why? did you not have a good call to action or a good descripton analyse what content is working best and in what context to get a good strategy for engagement.

Scheduling Posting times for best engagement, scheduling tools to maximise posting times. Post at times for best engagement. Great tools for this are Hootsuite, Viraltag and Latergramme.

Website Traffic

You need to track what traffic is being generated from Instagram. The best way to do this is use a trackable link like, or will also give you the option of short link for tracking. This way you can find out how many clicks you are getting and what content is working.

Follower/Audience Demographics

Super important if you are trying to work out who your targeted audience is. If you use a program called Social Rank  you can sort your Instagram audience based on location, interests, bio keywords, hashtags and engagement. You can then reach out and send people a direct message in relation to your event or latest blog post to grab their attention.

Learn more about your targeted audience and exactly who they are, find out what your audience thinks about you and your brand – positive or negative, get new ideas about what they want.

Find out who’s talking about you by using @mentions when people reference you in their posts and captions. Tags when people tag you in their post. Encourage people to tag you in their posts then it won’t get lost in notifications. A great way to recognise big brands and gain responses.

If someone tags you in a post respond to these people directly on their posts or by @ mentioning them in your comments on someone else’s posts.


 Great resources for learning more about Instagram for Your Business:

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