Instagram Basic Training

Are you finding Instagram a little confusing? Not really sure what its all about and where to start?

Today is you lucky day…. lol!

I have created a instagram Basics 4 part series that will teach you from the beginning.

Heres what it covers:

  • Basics of Instagram – setting up a good profile and bio, keyword research, what to post…
  • Hashtags explained and how to use them correctly
  • How to engage and connect with followers in your niche
  • Apps for creating great images still and animation
  • Messaging and automation
  • Plus more….


Instagram is a under estimated lead generation social media tool that for some reason still puzzles people.

If you are still puzzled by it then download Part 1 of my 4 part series today!

The series will be delivered daily to your email inbox. As I want you to digest and implement the trainings daily. It will only take 10mins per day.

Social media truly is the #1 tool for growing your business and online presence.

Claim Part 1 here now. all about the 5 basics you need to know before you start.

Also, for even more social media training check out this video series by Jessica Higdon she talks all about how to make conversations with your followers without sounding spammy and pitchy. (In which, in my opinion 98% of people on social media do!)

Get Jessicas video here


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