New to Instagram?

Instagram Basics for Beginners

Ok, So you have a Instagram account but it totally confuses you right?

Getting down the Instagram Basics when beginning on Instagram is important.  Instagram is a very powerful platform when its done right!…. People are building their businesses each and everyday using it.

Instagram is now owned by Facebook. Facebook has invested so much money into the development of Instagram.

Instagram has over 500 million monthly users and over 80million users daily and 3.5billion likes per day. Thats one massive audience.

It is perfect to engage with people, build our brand, direct message, our content doesn’t disappear and we can do paid advertising. Instagram users are typically aged between 18-29 50%, 30- 49 25%, 50-64 11%.

Instagram is the ultimate place to build a brand and a relationship because of the engagement you can have with people. People are free to comment on other peoples posts and mention friends plus its free.

Now you know the power of Instagram. Let get you started with using it.

Most people come to Instagram and typically leave because they are overwhelmed by it. They don’t know what to post, their bio is ordinary most don’t even have a good picture, confused by hashtags and the list goes on….

To take out the fluff and confusion download this – Instagram Basics Cheatsheet!

for ease of understanding the basics.

Also watch this video to get a step by step hand holding walk through with me. To answer most of the basic questions I have been approached about lately.

Click Here to watch Instagram Basics Cheatsheet-VIDEO TRAINING!If you get value from this post please feel free to share with the social icons on the top of this page.

Look out for my next post on creating images and gifs for increasing engagement in your posts.


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