Mindset of a J.O.B Person to a Entrepreneur

This is one of the biggest challenges home entrepreneurs face is they love the idea of being at home each day and working from home looks so pretty.  But the reality is it can be very difficult for many reasons.

A person is typically brought up in a J.O.B mindset where one goes and gets a job works hard doing a 8-10hr day when work is finished you knock off for the day, no more thinking about work its play time.

Whereas, everyone likes the idea of working from home thinking they will have all this spare time on their hands. But the truth of the matter is you need to rewire the brain. You need to become disciplined in your business (yes you are running a business not a hobby) put in the hours each day as required to truly succeed. There are so many distractions that can stop you from being productive at home. Like doing a load of washing, personal phone calls, people dropping in for a quick cuppa tea…..

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