Five Proven Ways to Monetize A Website

Today I will tell you about five proven ways to monetize a website for free.

Monetizing your website should be easy as installing some advertisements with google adsense and adding some value back right? Maybe back a few years ago this was the case but in 2016 its not.

Monetizing a website with adsense personally is complicated and expensive too, so lets look at it without adsense and keep it simple.

How to monetize your website and make money[tweetthis]How to Monetize your website and make money[/tweetthis]

There a plenty of ways you can make money on the internet and today I will outline five free website monetization methods you could do  to increase your chances of generating a income today.


Five Free Website Monetization Strategies

  1. Have a optin box above the fold of your website when a person clicks on the button it opens in a new browser page to enter their name and email.  You do this for two reasons, one so you can more accurately track it  with an external program and two you want people to stay on your website as long as humanly possible. If they decide to not enter their details they will close that browser bar and come back to your site. In the event they do enter their details then again you need to redirect them back to your site. In this image is a screenshot from my website with an example.



  1. A widget is a fancy word for images you can place on your website at the side, top or bottom locations. Most MLM companies have banners done for you. Another option is when you purchase a course or buy a product you become an affiliate. They will then give you html code for a banner that you can put on your website and  earn affiliate commission on the backend. The key with these is when a prospect clicks this link it needs to open up in a new browser page for the same reasons as in point one.




3. Click to Tweet Plug In – sprinkled throughout your blog posts. This will promote a snippet from your blog post and @mention people plus you can add hashtags all redirecting back to you blog post. This would have to be the easiest way to promote, share and track content on Twitter best of all its free.

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4. – Anytime you mention a book or product in a blog post you should have a piece of text linking to a affiliate link. For example Amazon.

5. Add a P.S line to the bottom of your blog posts –  The importance of a PS line is you can use it as bait and attach a hook to it with a clickable URL.  What usually works best here is emphasizing the main selling point one more time but from a different angle. As there is usually a chance your reader will scroll to the bottom of the message without taking in all of the copy. On the chance they did read it all, offering another key benefit makes them want it more.


There it is, five simple ways to monetize your blog without ads and to make money on the backend of your content without being all techie.


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Cheers, Elisha de Jonge


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PS: Bonus tip: Images and infographics to get people to scroll. Scrolling is important as google monitors how much of your content is being read.

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