What Does it Really Take To Build a Big Business?

After spinning my wheels on the network marketers business treadmill. I was becoming pretty exhausted. But how can you quit when your family is looking up to you and know you can do it. But you can’t send the family broke in trying right?
Thats when I knew I had to start learning more on business education

. Something that was going to be specifically focused towards building a successful online business one that could teach me the fundamentals of what really was involved.

Learning what it truly meant to be a entrepreneur was mind blowing. Most entrepreneurs only ever want to make a bit of extra money on the side that is a great reason to start but there has to be more to it.  So let me ask you a question: Why do you want to be an entrepreneur/home business owner?
How successful you are in your business depends entirely upon you. Your the one in full control over the outcome and where you are from now one year, two years, five years from now.
Your level of success in business has less to do with external factors and much more to do with YOU!
It’s all about your thinking, habits and behaviour as a entrepreneur.
You see all entrepreneurs are different.
If you look at successful entrepreneurs you’ll find that they tend to share certain characteristics – characteristics that have made them successful.
Here are 5 major characteristics that you can easily adopt and integrated properly, will maximise your chance of achieve massive success:
Business is a Top 3 Priority In Their Life (for many its #1)
Entrepreneurs who get extreme results put extreme focus on their business. If you want to build a hugely successful business, you have got to be willing to make it at least a top three priority in your life. That means you’ll need to give up some thing that take up a lot time. Look at Gary Vaynerchuk. He works long hours and is 100% focused on his business. Many entrepreneurs don’t see what they do as work. They love what they do and that makes all the difference. I hope you feel the same about your business-that its something you’d do even if you weren’t getting paid for it. This is how you need to view your business to be able to give all it needs now and in the future. Business education is also a big part on building your business too.


The Know Their Market
You need to stop thinking like a opportunity seeker and more like a strategic business owner or entrepreneur. You need to know what your market are really thinking, what are their frustrations, what are their fears, what keeps them up at night? this way when you know your market you can craft your offers and message to talk directly to them. Whatever market you’re entering, you need to really know the person you’re marketing too. If you don’t you’re going to have a lot more misses than hits.


Their Ability To Craft Irresistable and Unique Offers That Stand Out in A Crowded Marketplace – Putting together an offer that cuts through the clutter and appeals so deeply to your core audience is critical to your success. Coming back to know the pains and problems of your target market is key and this will help you write compelling copy.


Metrics: An Obession Over The Numbers
Where performance is meassure, performance improves. A simple way to think about this is what gets measured gets managed. If you start measuring something, it will almost always improve because, very simply you’re now paying attention to it. The power of focus and attention is incredible.


Relentless In Pursuing Their Goal
Entrepreneurs don’t give up. If they experience a set back or even a fall flat on their face, they keep moving forward. Most successful entrepreneurs are successful because: They tried so many more times than any of their competitors, they failed much more often than any of their competitors and through all the trial and error the eventually hit on what worked.
The challenges in your business are never going to stop. What changes is your ability to handle them.
You should always think “What good can come of this?” and NOT “ What could go wrong or derail me?” there’s always positive perspective when you can see potential.
Common things that derail a entrepreneur are:
  • Mindset
  • Analaysis paralysis
  • The need for perfection
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