Review: No Fear Video Marketing System by Mark Harbert

The No Fear Video Marketing System by Mark Harbert

Do you have a Fear:

  1. Being in front of the camera?
  2. Do not know what to talk about?
  3. What tools to use? Do you really need a fancy camera?
  4. Who is your target audience?
  5. Where to host your videos? is You Tube really a safe place?
  6. Optimizing your You Tube Channel
  7. Facebook Video Ads where to start so you don’t get shut down?

Today, I’m reviewing a brand new course thats  launching as I type created by video marketing guru Mark Harbert called “No Fear Video Marketing System”.

The No Fear Video Marketing System is made up of 10 Modules of Training and within each module is another series of videos. Each video is usually under 10mins in duration which is perfect for consuming the information in bite size chucks ready for digesting and rewinding if necessary. You may come across a couple of trainings that go for 1hr or more though.

In this course, Mark outlines all the elements that make up online video marketing. I’ll give you a brief insight to the 10 modules but because there is so much value and information in this course  it would take me 3 blog posts to complete.

play-button_318-42541Also take alook at my video review at the bottom if your not into reading text…



Otherwise read on…

Module 1: Is all about the background of why use online video in your marketing.  Topics: Why Online Video is important for  connecting and building relationships with prospects. Online video statistics, psychology and overcoming the fear of the camera.Total 28mins of training & 4 Videos.

Module 2: Prospect Targeting-  Topics: What are you selling, what make you unique, building your personal brand, defining your primary market and researching your market. Total 37mins of training & 5 Videos (wow, what makes us unique is such a powerful subject)

Module 3: How to Create Content That makes You Irresistible – Topics: What is Attraction Marketing and learn how to get your perfect prospect to hunt you down, Content creation where to find ideas, Where is your target market hanging out online.     Total 48mins of training & 3 Videos (eye opener of a topic)

Module 4: Video Tools – Topics: what type of camera should you use, Audio hacks, Lighting and other equipment to consider. Total 18mins of training & 4 videos (I really got alot of value from this module)

Module 5: Video Creation Game Plan – Parts that make up a perfect video for your prospect, intros, asking questions to keep your prospect tuned in, content of high value, when to put in a call to action, more tools, screen captures and do you do a long or short video? Total 38mins of training, 9 Videos.

Module 6: Video Dispersion – Where to host your videos, repurposing them and turning videos into podcasts. Total 12mins of training & 3 videos

Module 7: You Tube – Why use You Tube?, You Tube Channels and optimising them, keyword research, verifying your channel and website, On page optimization, tags, thumbnails, using annotations and lead cards, headlines, off page optimization, backlinks for organic reach. This module is a whole course on its own. Total 120mins of training & 19 videos.

Module 8: Facebook – Setting up a fanpage, optimizing your page, audience building, likes campaigns, daily posting and content, boosting videos and targeting in ads manager. Total 59mins & 9 Videos

Module 9: Live Broadcasting – Periscope, Facebook Live and a special training with Nadya Melton. Total 67mins of training & 4 Videos

Module 10: Facing Your Fear Head On – setting expectations, encounter rejections, 130mins & 5 videos

Then there is the bonuses I took a screen shot here:







The problem with this course is that it is the only course you will need to buy all year.  As there is so much value and training in here it will take you that long just to get through it and implement. I foresee that most people probably won’t even finish this course let alone implementing it all. Which is a real shame!

Here is a sneak peak behind the scenes of the No Fear Video Marketing System.



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