How to do a Facebook live

How To Do A Successful Facebook Live

I know Facebook Lives are Scary… would you like to learn how to do a successful Facebook Live?

Understanding why Facebook Lives are so important to do on a consistent daily basis to build your brand and business.  Facebook’s algorithm loves live video so this is going to keep your pretty face fresh in the newsfeed, doing live video is also the biggest way to build up the Know, Like and Trust factor with your audience.  Attraction marketing is a powerful way to build your business and the only way to get people coming to you is by letting people to get to know you. Wouldn’t it be nice to be the hunted and not the hunter?

Yes Facebook lives are scary, well only the first one then the more you do them the easier and less daunting they feel. It is can be pretty exciting when people watch you live then give you hearts and comments. Knowing full well that the information you are talking about is relevant and interesting to your viewers.

There are 3 parts to doing a Facebook live:

  1. Be organised before going live: pencil done some points that your plan to talk about
  2. Upon going Live dive right into the topic
  3. Say hello and read comments out to your live viewers.

I recently did a Facebook live teaching people how to do a Facebook live you can watch the replay here:

The Call to Action at the end is for a cheatsheet on how to run a Facebook live you can download your copy here: Facebook Live Training Sheet

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