The Voices Inside Your Head

This post is not about the bad voices in your head but about the voices deep down that are telling you that you can do this. You can build a business around your passion and accept that you are good enough and valuable to the marketplace.

You need to decide what it is that you are passionate about? After you work that out then we can then work out a long term solution to build you brand around. Then each and everyday it will become easier as your passion will drive you.

Creating content daily on topics you are not passionate about then its not going to be a long term business for you.

For those who do know whats required in your business daily my question is why are you not doing videos, not doing webinars or a blog post every other day? Most people will tell you that its fear of stepping out of your comfort zone. Some will think they are unworthy and have no value to put into the market place.

Serving your target market with value and not pitching to them is very powerful.

Fear comes thinking you will say the wrong thing and look bad. This is all about your ego. Getting over your ego and heading into the unknown.

Ego keeps us safe and  connected  to the outside, we don’t like going into the unknown and its going to think of every possible reason to keep you stuck. Ego serves you and keeps you alive but you need step outside this.

Playing with fear –  what about if you end this year exactly the same way you end the previous year. That is fear! Fear of living your life exactly the same and not getting those dreams and goals achieved.

Opportunity is everywhere but you need to create it by not staying the same.

If you don’t do the video, don’t do the blog post and don’t connect with people each day then there should be goals set to start doing these to move on from your fear.

Needing help and using a mentor is one of the best ways to help you overcome your fear, set goals and being pushed beyond your limits. Its the only way I keep pushing my boundaries.

Not sure where to turn to…. then check out this same system here that I’m utilising to serve my customers with value and push beyond. The formula is called Attraction Marketing. You can start for as little as $10 for a 10 trial. When you do I will connect with you and will become part of my closed mastermind group where we all work together to support and push each other to reach our goals.  Mentoring is the key factor having someone to turn to.

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