Three Steps to Defining Your Target Market

With this simple three steps to defining your target market you will easily identify your target market.  Your target market is the type of people who are most likely to buy your stuff.  

Creating a clear description of your target market is crucial to the success of your business! without knowing exactly who your are serving, it is impossible to efficiently create an effective, profitable business.

The more narrowly you can define your target market, the better. This will enable you to become clear on the type of content you need to create to serve you niche to solve their problems, pains and frustrations.

Step 1

Instead of looking at what works look at what fires you up. Don’t look at whats popular, anything will work as long as you are consistent and can dive deep to solve the pains, problems and frustrations. When you pick a target market that you know and am passionate about it will be much easier to understand what it is people are struggling with.

Step 2

Who is it you want to work with? what are the traits of particular people that you enjoy working with?, Where do they live? where do they hang out? are they male or female? Use this downloadable sheet to help you.

Step 3

Based on your  knowledge you have to pick one target market and start creating content start providing value to this target market. Creating content and become an authority in your niche. Remember you can change this market at anytime in the future.


When you have picked the target market you need to go hang out where they are. This might be in forums, Facebook groups etc. in there answer peoples questions providing value to them. Remember though you must have a blog/website somewhere outside of these forums that people can learn more about you and get more value directly from you. This is called personal branding and more importantly placing you in front of other people looking for help who may not be in those forums or groups.


Want to learn more? Here is my  book recommendation: Dan Kennedy – Ultimate Sales Letter

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Cheers, Elisha de Jonge


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