Understanding Online Marketing

A little bit of history….

On October 27, 1994 online advertising was born….why because HotWired signed up 14 advertisers for its online debut.. The following year saw the public acceptance of the web as a interactive medium. By 1996 advertisers where promoting websites using traditional media.

Then affiliate marketing was born.

What exactly is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a method of promoting a website,[tweetthis]Understanding Affiliate Marketing[/tweetthis] in which an affiliate is rewarded for every visitor, subscriber and/or a customer provided through his efforts. Compensation may be based on a certain value for each visit (Pay per click), lead (Pay per lead) or a commission for each customer/sale (Pay per sale). This is where you can become an affiliate and market other peoples products. Affiliates are the backbone of the online marketing industry.

Affiliate networks are companies that you can join and promote their products in return for a commission. Finding the right affiliate network to join you need to look closely at the commission percentage payout and schedule of payment.

Don’t just look at the high commission product in the category. Pick the product that suits you for example no point in promoting a food and wine product when your into technology. Look at the management can you get help with any issue or do you have to wait 72hrs to get a return email or call.

Examples of places to find affiliate networks are clickbank, clickpromise and cj.com.

Cookies explained. Cookies are trails of breadcrumbs your affiliate link has left on someones web browser. So, if you were the person who drove a person to a site but on that day they didn’t buy. Then the person goes away and revisits the same site directed by someone else’s link your cookie is still there then you will be credited for the purchase. But what about when we clear cookies and cache….  you need to make sure the company you promote has more hard wired ways of tracking your conversions and not just relying on cookies otherwise you will lose out on commissions.

Questions to think about when choosing an affiliate campaign to promote.

  • Do you know exactly what you are selling?
  • Is it a good product or service?
  • Have you personally used it?
  • Does it have a good call to action sales letter and professional website?
  • Does it have a money back guarantee?
  • Easily accessible customer service?
  • Is the payout easy to understand?
  • Can you vision the ability to earn money from traffic you drive to the site?

The right campaign will always help you generate the right amount of revenue.

Your online success will depending on this.

A. What you promote

B. How you promote it

C. What your get in return

D. Can you rinse and repeat.


Look out for my next blog post on the Sales Funnel Explained...

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