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Videos Where do You Host Them?

What and where is the best place to host your marketing videos?

This was a real sticking point for me when I started marketing online and it took me a bit of probing to find the correct answer too.

There are quite a few different platforms that you can use to host your videos depending on what your end goal is. The 3 main platforms I personally use are:

  1. You Tube – Great for all those how to videos and trainings but not so good for you marketing videos you create for landing pages.
  2. Vimeo – Perfect for using in your landing pages as you can embed, make private, add logos and autoplay plus upload to your wordpress blog site.
  3. Within the system I use for all my marketing efforts and training. Its called MLSP – My Lead System Pro with the back office they allow you to host media in there to upload to capture pages saving you money and time.

Watch the video below as I explain the purpose of each of these platforms advantages and disadvantages.

This is my You Tube Channel and as you will see its full of How to  Videos and trainings plus testimonials I’m happy to have public and promote people.

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