How to Create a WordPress Backup Easily

The Why….You should be creating a WordPress backup of your database on a regular basis.

Have you spent hours and hours of time researching and creating your blog posts?

Did it take you along time or lots of money to pick your theme and create your site ?

Could you only imagine what it would feel like to lose it all in a instant?

If you are anything like me I’ve spent thousands of dollars on my original website because I was so bamboozled with it all. Trying to find the right theme, domain name and service provider.  Finally, discovering a service provider that offered  excellent service and a theme that was easy to use.

If you can relate to this situation my question today is “do you have a WordPress backup performed on a regular basis?”  this is not a subject most people think about. But could you imagine what it would feel like to lose hours and hours of hard earned work in a instant!  Just this past week I experienced just that. And its a sinking feeling in the gut that is not nice.

As a result of having the right components in place I did have a WordPress backup and support.  Therefore, I was able to pick up the phone and get my problems sorted out there and then.  (As support is zero unless you go to a forum and hope your question is there.)

The How…There are few different ways that you can create a WordPress backup both free and paid.

The free option

Is by installing a plugin that allows a free backup of a wordpress database to computer or in a Dropbox. You can go to the plugin section in WordPress  type backup and restore plugins quite easily to get lots of options. A recommendation I use is called BackUPwp its fairly easy to use and backs up to a dropbox file. It allows for you set scheduling, automatic and manual back ups.

BackWPup wordpress backup

Pro’s – its free!, your hosting provider will do a restore if you have your own back up also for free.

Con’s – Restoring your backup file if its under 500mb is quite easy by uploading it into your Cpanel, your hosting provider should be able to walk you through this process. Problems come when your file is over 500mb and you need to download FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client eg: Firezilla. This can become complicated if you know nothing about it. (like me)


The Paid Option

Most good hosting providers offer backup solutions done for you. They can do regular backups for free on a weekly basis this is a automatic process and can cost $15 to have the site restored by their technical team. One problem with this is lets say the back ups are only done on Saturdays and you have done alot of work on Monday come Tuesday your site disappears the back up will back date to Saturday. On the upside you don’t lose everything and its only cost you $15 and the time you put in to restore the site as it was.

The other paid option is  yearly/monthly subscription to a backup service that is performed on a daily/hourly basis by a hosting provider. A recommendation is Hostgator as   they offer a service called Code Guard Back Up for a yearly subscription its $19.95 (equates to $1.67 a month). They offer a 24/7 support and are very helpful at solving your issues to get you back on track as soon as possible.

Codeguard Hostgator wordpress backup


The Theme….

Finally, the theme will not provide you with a backup solution but in addition to hosting support they can help you with WordPress issues.

The theme this WordPress site is using is called Optimize Press.

optimize press wordpress backup




I totally love, love it, here’s just one of the reasons why….

When I was experiencing my site being compromised last week although Hostgator gave me total back up support restoring my site to a certain date before the issue arose. The support desk at optimize press with one simple email replied within 10mins told me what the actual issue was…. see image below:



optimize press




As a conclusion, you can see the importance of how and why you should  have a WordPress backup for your Website  and compliment it with a good theme its going to save you alot of heartache in the long run.

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